Bone Marrow Transplant abroad at affordable costs

Published: 02nd February 2010
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What is bone marrow transplant?

In some patients suffering from debilitating conditions like cancers, the bone marrow (a soft fatty tissue inside the bones producing stem cells, which are the precursors of most of the blood cells) gets suppressed, due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy (More about Chemotherapy Abroad). A transplant may be required to replace the diseased bone marrow and enhance the functionality of the marrow tissue. The procedure is also referred to as the Stem cell transplant procedure. A transplant is also required in clinical problems including sickle cell anemia, aplastic anemia, thalasemia or severe immunodeficiency disorders.

Types of Bone marrow transplant procedures

The transplant procedure depends upon the donor of the bone marrow tissue and is classified as follows,

Autologous transplant: In this procedure the peripheral blood stem cells of the same person are used for transplant. It is referred to as rescue transplant and is often used for patients with suppressed bone marrow after radiation therapy or chemotherapy

Allogeneic transplant: In this procedure the donor is a close family relative i.e. parent, siblings or twin or any person who shares a similar gene profile with the recipient.

Umbilical cord transplant: The stem cells from the umbilical cord are taken immediately after the delivery. It is used most frequently for infants with depressed bone marrow.

Bone marrow transplant procedure

After a preliminary check of the recipient (i.e. the patient) and the donor, a comprehensive analysis is done. Subsequently a tissue matching test for HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) is done. After the match, the transplant surgery is conducted. The procedure is a major surgery and would require hospitalization for four to six weeks, to closely monitor the patient's progress. Success of the intervention depends upon a host of factors ranging from age, sex, extent of tissue match, tolerance and genetics.

Low cost marrow transplant abroad

There are several JCI and JACHO accredited hospitals in India, Turkey, Jordan, Mexico and South Korea which have high standards of infection control and stringent patient care norms. The high quality medical care at affordable and relatively lower costs is a boon for American patients.

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