Toe Amputation Causes and low cost treatment options abroad

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Why is Toe amputation surgery needed?

The surgical removal of the toe (either part or whole) is necessitated when the blood supply to the toe is interrupted due to reasons like uncontrolled and advanced diabetes mellitus, toe infection, local injury or trauma, vascular disease, cancerous growth or birth anomalies. Amputation removes the necrotic or infected tissue and halts the further spread of gangrene. Diabetic Ulcers of the toe are the most common condition requiring toe amputation. Morbidity following toe amputation is insignificant and a prosthesis is not required.

Toe amputation surgery procedure

Toe amputation is a minor surgical procedure which can be conducted under local or spinal anesthesia. The procedure would last for about half an hour to an hour, with maximum resection of the toe up to the level of the meta-tarso-phalangeal joint.After the amputation, the open ends of the wound are not stitched together and the wound is covered with dressing to prevent infection and promote healing.

Care after toe amputation

After the surgery the patient is hospitalized for a couple of days during which cold fomentation is recommended for a few hours and the patient's mobility is restricted to essential activities. Antibiotics and analgesics are given to prevent infection and to relive pain.

After being discharged from the hospital, the patient is expected to follow up regularly for the first two months and is advised to wear soft and comfortable footwear which facilitates rapid healing.

The patient may experience problems like secondary infection, pain, and temporary numbness around the surgery site and thick scarring tissue which could cause extensive tenderness at the site of the surgery. Most of the problems resolve spontaneously and are self limiting.

Toe amputation abroad

Several American patients are exploring the possibility of conducting toe amputation surgery abroad. Since it is a minor surgical procedure, it provides a great opportunity to couple medical care with a bit of tourism and sight seeing abroad. The cost savings are phenomenal, whilst the quality of surgical care is comparable to standards in the United States. Some of the destinations include South Korea, India, Jordan, Mexico and Turkey.

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